As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went for their first tour in the Seychelles, they were presented with the most bizarre gift by the islands' foreign minister.

It was a giant nut called coco de mer famous for its uncanny resemblance with a female anatomy. Endemic to the Islands, the nut shape became very popular among British seamen when they were found bobbing the water off the Seychelles.

Many speculate that the gift symbolize the start of baby watch for the newly-wed royals.

During their recent eleven-day royal tour to Canada and California, Kate did mention her desire to start a family. She expressed her desire during a walkabout in Quebec City when she was handed a bouquet of flowers by 2-year-old Raffaela who was the daughter of British expat David Cheater.

When David wished Kate luck and success on starting a family of her own, the Duchess retorted with a quick Yes, I hope to.

This was the first time after getting married that the Duchess admitted about her family plans. If Kate is to follow other royal examples, she could be giving birth to a royal heir in another year or so.

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