The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking the concern of cyber-bulling to heart. The royal couple is set to meet with Twitter and Facebook executives to discuss the issue.

Prince William and Princess Kate are hoping to have a constructive dialogue with the social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to discuss how to protect young adults and teens from online harassment, according to the Sunday Times. The move is part of the royal couple’s mission to help young people who are suffering from mental health problems, as well as youngsters who experienced bullying.

A royal aide told the Sunday Times that the Prince William and Princess Kate has become concerned over cyberbullying after hearing it from the young people they met in various charity events. The aide also added that the royal couple’s role as parents after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte has made them especially attentive to the dangers of online harassment. 

“Their role as parents is definitely shaping their perceptions on the issues.  As parents themselves they want to speak out and see what more can be done for young people who are victims of cyberbullying and all forms of bullying,” the royal aide explained.

Meanwhile, the royal couple has also recently visited the Dundee Rep Theater in order to support the organization’s family day, according to Mirror. During the event, Prince William and Princess Kate chatted with the vulnerable families who relied on the support of anti-bullying and mental health charities and other non-profit organizations. Attendees of the event described the royal couple as “very friendly” and “very down to earth.”

Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry also had a busy week during the latter part of October, where the three attended a special sneak peek of Aardman's “Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas.” The screening was held during the Charities Forum, a bi-annual event that gathers 30 charities that the three royals support.

During the screening, the two royal brothers participated in a “welly wanging” game where both aimed at a target using a plastic booth. Even Princess Kate participated in the game, although Prince William won the friendly match.