British officials have defended the six-week posting of Prince William to Falklands following reported condemnation by Argentina stating that the move is nothing but an act of provocation.

In a recent announcement, Britain's chief of armed forces David Richards denied all the allegations stressing that William's deployment was routine for an RAF Sea King pilot.

He mentioned that Prince Harry was also sent in 2008 to Afghanistan as a forward air controller.

It wasn't and isn't designed to be, Richards said dismissing all the allegations.

However, Argentine officials hold a different view regarding the routine deployment. They believe that it is yet another provocative act to deploy British officials in a region with no armed conflict.

According to the Press Association, Argentine official Sebastian Brugo Marco said the country could not ignore the political implications of his move, which comes shortly before the 30th anniversary of Argentina's defeat in the Falklands, to which it lays claim and calls Las Malvinas.

Even though Argentina has been under British rule for around 180 years, the country still claims sovereignty over the islands of Malvina which lies 300 miles off its coast.