Just one year ago the death of musician Prince shook the world, sparking speculation on the cause and mourning worldwide. ​Snapchat Friday marked the occasion with a filter honoring the late star.

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The filter features a guitar and Prince's signature color, a royal looking purple with the dates he was born and died. But it did not feature his name, causing confusion among Snapchat users unfamiliar with the artist.

The filter covers the lower third of the screen on whatever photo or video users take. It can be accessed by swiping right until it appears on the photo or video users wish to Snap. 

Some users really appreciated it.

Others wanted more than just a filter.

An earlier version of the filter featured the wrong birth year, something users immediately noticed and alerted Snapchat about.

Snapchat fixed the year but users were upset by it, and it may have added to the confusion about who the filter was honoring.