Princess Marie of Denmark never wanted to marry into the royal family and become a princess. She was not sure that she wanted to marry into the Danish royal family. The 39-year-old princess is married to Prince Joachim of Denmark.

Princess Marie is the second wife of Joachim. The couple tied the knot in 2008 after the prince got divorced from his first wife. “I'd been fending for myself for years, and it felt overwhelming that suddenly everyone apparently had an opinion about me,” Marie said, talking to Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The princess who will turn 40 on Saturday has to kids with her husband. Joachim and Marie married in a romantic ceremony at Møgeltønder Church. She birth to their son, Prince Hendrik in 2009 and then their daughter, Princess Athena in 2011.

She comes from a rich family in Paris, but her parents divorced when she was 11. She studied in an international boarding school in Switzerland and attended colleges in the U.S. and Europe. But, in 2006 she met Joachim at a party, which changed the entire course of her life.

“I had a great life – I didn't need to be rescued by some prince from Denmark,” she said about marrying Joachim. Marie was then independent and working in Geneva and had a small house. She said that she loved Joachim but was not ready for marriage and to take on the responsibilities that came along with it, being a member of the royal family.

Meanwhile, in October, the princess was caught up in a controversy surrounding her breasts. It was reported that Marie had undergone a breast enhancement surgery in June 2014. The news was reported in September by Danish publication Her & Nu, which was later denied by the Denmark Royal Palace.

However, Marie sailed through all the negative publicity due to her loving husband Joachim. She Danish royal told that Joachim has always been very understanding and patient with her. Marie said that now she wants to give her kids a stable family life which she missed during her childhood.