Rehab Assist has recalled all Prism Medical P300 and C300 ceiling hoists manufactured before June, 8 2015. The decision has been taken in consultation with the Australian Government's Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The Prism Medical P300 and C300 ceiling hoists are specially designed lifting devices that help move incapacitated patients in and out of their beds. The device is meant for use in homes and at the medical facility or healthcare setting.

The device has been recalled because of the reports of faulty drive gear shaft in these devices. In the 17 cases reported from the overseas, the drive gear shaft of the device broke down and the free-fall protection system did not work properly in three devices. No reports of the problem have been received within Australia so far.

All the lifting devices manufactured since 8 June have already been upgraded to correct the faults. The supplier of the device is contacting each user of the device with affected model or serial number. All such devices are being replaced with the updated version and the replacement schedule is expected to be completed by the end of a few weeks.

TGA has urged all medical practitioners treating patients who are using Prism Medical P300 and C300 ceiling hoists to be aware of the issue. In addition, health professionals and consumers of the device have been encouraged to report any problems they encounter with the device.