A new billboard announcing the Season 12 premiere of Lifetime’s ‘Project Runway,’ has been banned in Los Angeles because it was considered too racy, reports said.

Lifetime on Wednesday confirmed to Variety magazine that the ad won’t be on display due to the nudity, but did not elaborate if the channel’s attempt to erect the billboard was formally rejected by a city organization, or if problems arose with sellers of outdoor advertising space.

The magazine, however, pointed out that the billboard might have been removed because according to the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Building and Safety, billboards or signs containing “obscene matters” can be prohibited.

But, New Yorkers will be able to see the ad, as the city is letting the artwork pass, reports said.

The billboard in question features naked models lying at ‘Project Runway’ host Heidi Klum’s feet, while mentor Tim Gunn stands next to her. Both Klum and Gunn are fully attired in British royalty-inspired fashion in the advertisement.

According to a report on TooFab, the photograph was set to be featured on billboards, posters, websites, bus shelters and magazines, but it was considered too risqué for Los Angeles. An altered version of the advertisement, which will have models in underwear, will run in its place, the report said.

Referring to the controversial picture, Klum on Wednesday took to her Twitter account, writing, “@ProjectRunway Designers! We need clothing for these people! Fast!  Season 12 starts July 18th on @lifetimetv!” The German supermodel attached the controversial picture along with the message, and added several other pictures from the advertisement’s photo shoot.