“Project Runway” Season 13 episode 8 was an avant garde (experimental) challenge. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum informed the designers that they had to make a dress with the Samsung Curved Television in mind. Not only did the design need to be avant garde, but they also needed to make it waterproof. The runway was a “rainway” this week, and their models would be getting wet. The rain aspect of the challenge forced the designers to use textiles that they’ve never used before, and this challenge gave them two days to figure it out.


Tim came for check in and loved Sean’s dress. However, neither of them were sure that Sean's plan would work out. He wanted to put powered dye in the dress and have the color run down the dress. Without a test run, Sean had no way of knowing if the dye would run the way he wanted it to. “What I’m doing might be awesome or it’s going to be the biggest flop of the season,” he said. 

Amanda’s dress was inspired by Cleopatra and utilized eyes. Tim’s major problem was the red patch that was right on the crotch. “This is nothing if not the season of the vagina,” Tim told her. She fixed the awkward placement, but one eye still fell off on the runway.

While most designers had plenty of ideas, fäde had trouble feeling inspired. He came up with a simple design, but it was a little too simple for Tim. “I don’t think avant garde has to be sticking out everywhere and be weird,” fäde said. “It can be wearable and fuctional.”

When he called his husband, fäde broke down and got very emotional. He thought he would be leaving “Project Runway” very soon.

Top Three

Kini: Umbrellas inspired the designer. His black dress looked almost like a folded umbrella. The top was a black vinyl with gloves attached to sleeves. The dress really wowed all of the judges. “It was so impactful when it came out,” Zac Posen said. However, all the judges hated the hat.

Sandhya: Her colorful jumpsuit was covered by a jacket with pinwheels. The pinwheels didn’t spin in the rain as she hoped, but the judges still loved it. Heidi liked that she utilized bright, playful colors, but Nina Garcia noted that it was a little juvenile. Zac also wanted more sophistication.

Sean: Sean’s simple white dress wouldn’t have been considered avant garde, but luckily, the dye trick worked. Colors went flowing down the dress when his model stepped onto the “rainway.” “This took my breath away,” Nina gushed. The judges loved watching the colors flow.

Bottom Three

Korina: Her black dress was inspired by thunderbirds, mythical creatures who make thunder with their wings. Silver structural pieces mimicked lightning. Guest judge Caitlin FitzGerald (Libby Masters on “Masters of Sex”) felt it looked like a Halloween costume. “It has the potential to be something great, but it feels very unfinished,” Nina added. Zac told Korina that she was lucky to have immunity.

fäde: His simple dress with a play button on the chest and lines going down the body was tech inspired. The judges felt that the look was just uninspired. Nina called the play button “gimmicky.” Heidi said the lines just reminded her of a subway map. The judges didn’t think his tech idea came across at all. The dress also didn’t feel avant garde enough for them.

Emily: Her black, armor-inspired look didn’t please the judges. Emily loved her look, but the judges hated it. “It felt like a cliché of a fashion show,” Zac said of the design. Nina thought it felt dated and predictable. She thought it was something that would have been considered modern over a decade ago. Though it was well made, the judges hated the design.

Winners: Sean and Kini

The judges allowed a double win for the challenge. They can’t get too comfortable though. Winning a challenge no longer guarantees immunity on "Project Runway" Season 13.

Eliminated: fäde

“I did what I came here for, which was to show my capability as a designer,” fäde said.

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