The trailer for the upcoming 2012 sci-fi horror movie 'Prometheus' has officially gone live on Apple Trailers. The exclusive video, which is only about 69 seconds long, is the first look at Ridley Scott's latest film and his first in the sci-fi genre since 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien,' which debuted in 1982 and 1979, respectively.

They went looking for our beginning, the trailer reads. What they found could be our end.

Prometheus boasts an A-List cast, including Noomi Rapace ('The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'), Michael Fassbender ('A Dangerous Method'), Charlize Theron ('Young Adult'), Patrick Wilson ('Young Adult'), Guy Pearce ('The King's Speech') and Idris Elba ('Thor'). The script was written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof; Spaihts only has one other writing credit to his name, but Lindelof was a producer or writer on the TV show 'Lost,' which means Prometheus could be very complex or very confusing.

It's accomplishing what we set out to do, Lindelof said. I wish that we didn't have to be so mysterious about it but mystery can be a good thing as long as you've got the goods to back it up. In this case, when the movie arrives, one of the most visionary filmmakers in the history of cinema will be putting his cards on the table and I'm just kind of standing behind him with my arms folded.

The Prometheus trailer, which features humans exploring an uncharted planet, definitely feels like a prequel to Scott's 'Alien.' From the spacesuits to a clip of a roomful of mysterious pods, there are definitely a number of clear homages to Scott's original breakthrough horror film.

I think the material kind of speaks for itself, Lindelof said. If you're looking at it through the prism of 'I want it to be that,' you'll notice the way the word 'Prometheus' comes up [in a way that resembles the 'Alien' classic logo] or look at the production design and the way the whole thing feels. If you're looking at it from the perspective of wanting it to be something more original, I think the trailer accomplishes that by being pretty cool to people who have never even seen 'Alien.'

Watch the Prometheus trailer here, and let us know your impressions in the comments section below. 'Prometheus' will arrive in theatres on June 8, 2012.