If a man under 60 has an early prostate cancer, he must have the surgery for a higher chance of survival. Before digging deeper about prostate cancer surgery, you first need to know about the prostate. It is an organ placed right at the base of a man's urinary bladder. It encloses the first portion of the urethra. Its key function is to create the nutrients that semen should have like the minerals and sugar. Without the prostate, a man is unable to reproduce.

Normally, it has about the size of a walnut. As one ages, it grows as well. A man should be cautious when it's prostate cancer. It means that there's a malignant mass in the prostate. It may be brought about by the genetics, age and hormonal influence. It may even be due to environmental factors like exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals.

This kind of disease is a silent killer because in the early stages, it doesn't show any symptoms. In more severe cases, a guy may experience difficulty in urination to the extent that there's blood in the urine. As the disease progresses, it can spread to the pelvic area. He may experience body malaise, extreme weight loss and fatigue.

To prevent from experiencing the progression of the disease, there should be an early detection. A man can undergo several screening tests. A digital rectal exam can be done. What a doctor does is that he inserts a lubricated gloved finger into the anus. He will try to check for something that is not normal. Another test would be the prostate specific antigen blood test. A prostate specific antigen (PSA) is present in the prostate. If there is a high amount of PSA, there's a possibility that he has prostate cancer.

There's a surgical treatment for this type of cancer. One can undergo a radical prostatectomy. It is a surgical procedure localizing or confining the affected organ. It is a much better approach to get the surgery done earlier. Studies show it reduces the progression of the prostate cancer. Always remember that early detection and management is the best option.