Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered outside a Swedish police station to demand an investigation into the mysterious death of a Turkish immigrant who perished while in detention last summer.

According to Turkish media, Swedish police claimed that Sercan Budakci committed suicide by hanging himself while in custody at the Handen police station in Haninge Municipality, just south of Stockholm

He subsequently died in a hospital.

Budakci had reportedly been arrested for splashing water on a bus driver during an argument.

The dead man’s family and attorney allege the police are engaged in a cover-up.

“We demand to know who beat my brother,” Selda Budakci told Today’s Zaman, an English language Turkish newspaper. “We will continue to demonstrate until we have answers. We will bring more people next time.”

The family’s attorney Mattias Bernhardsson said there are many suspicious elements to the case, For example, police reports indicated that there were no “visible injuries” on Budacki’s body, while evidence from the autopsy suggests otherwise.

According to Cihan, a Turkish media group, Selda stated: “We believe they [police] psychologically and physically abused him. For 23 hours, my brother did not eat or sleep. And when he called us from the police station, he told us they had beaten him over the head with a stick.”

Police have also been criticized for not releasing enough pertinent reports related to both the man’s arrest and his death.

“We will also demand the family be entitled to read the complaint Sercan made against the bus driver and to read the statement of the bus driver,” Bernhardsson said prior to the demonstration.

A prominent member of the crowd of protesters, a Kurdish writer named Kurdo Baksi. said he would have the Swedish Minister of Justice look into the case.

There are an estimated 100,000 Turks living in Swede.

Cihan also reported that this was not the first time a Turkish or Kurdish immigrant has died under suspicious circumstances in European jails.

In the summer of 2009 a man named Mikail Tekin died in Jamioulx prison in Charleroi, Belgium, one day after he was arrested for allegedly arguing with a police officer.

?hsan Gürz died while in police custody in Holland in July 2011.