In a move that could be considered odd, Activision has released a “Prototype Biohazard Bundle” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which collects the original “Prototype” game and its sequel “Prototype 2.” Why is that strange? Because the game was released with no attempt to hype the bundle, nor were there any previous reports of this re-release.

Furthermore, the game's graphics haven’t been noticeably upgraded, reports Game Informer. If the titles were upgraded in any way, those facts weren’t advertised before its release and the screenshots don’t really show any visible improvement, nor does it show that the game looks worse. However, Activision did promise smoother resolution and a higher framerate.

Eventually, Activision discussed the game’s release on its official blog, where some of the bundle’s features were detailed. The game will not only have both “Prototype” games but will also feature all the previously released “Prototype 2” DLC that was available for the “Prototype 2: RADNET Edition” as well as all the game’s pre-order content. The company also stated that fans could download both games separately on Aug. 11 for North America, so those who preferred the original game or the sequel will have their pick.

While the original “Prototype” was well-received, many felt that its ultimate downfall was the fact that it came out a few weeks after “Infamous” did. Though there are fans for both titles, the majority of fans and critics consider “Infamous” the superior game. “Prototype” was reportedly seen as good but not great, though its popularity did lead to a sequel, showing that the game does have its own fan base.

Fans of the series can get the “Prototype Biohazard Bundle” now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One via a digital download for $49.99, while the games can be purchased separately on Aug. 11. There's no word yet if the bundle will be getting a physical retail release, though the lack of announcements mean that it's highly unlikely.

Prototype Biohazard Bundle - Announcement Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)