For gamers who pre-ordered Sony's PS Vita, some will be getting their hands on the new portable gaming console as early as Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a few others may be able to obtain the pre-release bundle at some stores, though Sony has been tight-lipped about how many consoles were shipped before its official Feb. 22 launch date.

The first edition bundle costs $349.99 and comes with a 3G/WiFi system, a limited edition carrying case, a 4GB memory card and a copy of the game Little Deviants. The 3G launch bundle hitting stores next week will sell for $299.99, and a WiFi-only model will go for $249.99.

Diehard gamers camped outside some stores Tuesday night for the PS Vita's early release at midnight, so be sure to check in with your local game shop or electronics dealer before trying to get your hands on a pre-release bundle.