Gravity Rush (originally known as Gravity Daze) is one of the several awaited and upcoming games on PlayStation Vita. It is set to arrive Feb. 22.

The game's core mechanic involves the player's capability to maneuver gravity to facilitate their navigation of the game's levels.

Although Gravity Rush boasts some role-playing game elements, such as leveling up, side quests, optional villains to fight, and large worlds to explore, the player takes control of Kat, a young woman who has the ability to control the gravity around her. The gravity-controlling mechanic enables the player to fly through the air, walk on walls, and implement kick attacks towards enemies.

Till date, the game's demo has only been launched that gives a very clear idea about what to expect from the full version. It is clear that the gamer will need at least 420MB of space to run the game. The first thing that will impress you about the game is its presentation and how it fits into a hand-held gaming console.

The game compliments the PlayStation Vita's gyro sensor to control gravity. You can use the front and back panels to react quickly to changing surroundings and dodge enemy attacks. The beautiful cel-shaded graphics brought to life through OLED technology, which delivers crisp and vivid colors to life, also makes the storytelling impressive.

Whatever little can be found from the demo, it is for certain that Kat's attacks can be augmented by employing get gravity-based skills to target enemies before allowing gravity to take over and deliver a stronger attack.

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