The Xbox One: Day One Edition is becoming increasingly hard to find. Yesterday, we reported that it's sold out at both Best Buy and Amazon. That's still the case.

What's so special about the Xbox One: Day One Edition? If you order Xbox One: Day One Edition, it is (supposedly) guaranteed to get to your place on or around launch day, according to Microsoft. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the fine print.

So while stocks of the Xbox One: Day One Edition are running low, you can still grab it from Target, GameStop, Walmart and Microsoft direct. Check out the photos below for visual proof.



See? If you want to get your hands on the Xbox One: Day One Edition, you can still get it from the above four retailers. Don't make the mistake of waiting around, or you might find yourself to be shut out. Frankly, considering the PS2, Xbox, PS3 and Xbox 360 faced scarcity issues when they were released, we wonder why anyone would wait to repeat the mistake that so many others have made in the past: waiting.

If you want an Xbox One or PS4 that badly, what are you waiting for? Get one now and you'll sleep better later. Of course, if you're not all that impressed by either of these next-gen consoles, that's another story. But if you're foaming at the mouth for either the Xbox One or PS4, why wait?

What do you think of the Xbox One and PS4? Which will you be getting and why? Are you surprised that the Xbox One has begun to sell out? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.