Psy has become a pop superstar after his rap song "Gangman Style" went viral on YouTube. Although the song has been on the video site only a month, it has lured an astounding 47 million views, not to mention nearly 500,000 likes and well over 200,000 comments.

Psy made history on Monday after he was ranked No. 1 on the U.S. MV iTunes chart. He is the first Korean artist to do so, AllKPop reported.

The video was originally posted on July 15 and is the No. 2 video on YouTube 100, and for good reason.

The Korean rap sensation Psy has made nerdy cool, and everyone loves it. The song has a deep techno beat that is typically seen in house music. But from looking at the video, it doesn't look like something you would see Snooki or JWoww jamming out to.

It's brightly colored and and Psy might have started a new dance sensation with his moves. Psy can be seen riding an invisible galloping horse, which is absolutely hysterical. It would be hard not to watch the video for a second time.

Most of the song is in Korean, but a few English phrases are repeated throughout the chorus like: "Gangman Style" and "hey sexy lady."

Psy was at a Dodgers-Giants game on Monday night, according to Time, and preformed the "invisible horse dance" for the crowd. At first the song started playing for the "dance cam" and caught unsuspecting baseball fans doing their own version of the new dance craze.

Eventually the camera spots Psy. He tried to play coy at first, but then gets back on the invisible horse and starts galloping away for the crowd. After waiting for some cheers and applause he gets back on the horse for one more moment of hilarity.

If you haven't seen the "Gangman Style" video yet you have to check it out. Do you think the "invisible horse" will become the next dance craze?