Evacuations have been lifted in the Alpine Cove subdivision and another 160 Alpine residents will be allowed to return to their homes on Thursday, after a change in weather conditions have helped contain the Quail Fire, the Salt lake Tribune reported. 

The wildfire erupted near Lambert Park on Tuesday, threatening hundreds of homes before moving up into a canyon. A family group of 32 were located in the Canyon and escorted out safely.

 By 10 p.m., the fire had burned over 5, 000 acres and mandatory evacuations were ordered for all subdivisions on Grove Drive north of Alpine Boulevard and Round Mountain Drive, the Deseret News reported. 

A storm front has decreased temperatures and raised humidity levels, which has helped firefighters contain the fire. While residents of 40 homes were allowed to return to their homes on Thursday morning, residents of Box Elder Cove subdivision and homes north of Country Manor Lane continue to be evacuated. 

Residents of Meadow Circle were allowed to return home on Tursday also, but plumes of smoke are still visible from their homes, according to KSL.com.

I'm a little less worried since they said we could get back into our house. They must not be as worried, resident Cyndy Parkinson told KSL News. The view of the smoke did cause her concern, however. If (the fire) got down and got to one house, then these houses would be like kindling. It would just go from one to the next, she said.

(In the heat of the moment) you wonder if you should be running around grabbing everything, but if you've got your family - you've got the most valuable thing, she added.

A spokesperson for the U.S Forest Service told the Salt Lake Tribune that firefighters may have to start a blaze in the southwest side of the fire so as not to risk the Quail Fire reaching the area. 

Firefighters will burn the brush, only if condition are right, the spokesperson said.  

About 300 fire personnel are battling the fire and are hoping to get a better handle of it by Thursday evening.