QuakeCon 2013, iD Software's annual celebration of games and game development, has begun. Watch the live stream here.

Today's events include multiple "Doom" and "Quake" competitions, as well as a "welcome" event held by id Software Creative Director Tim Willits and Bethesda exec Hines. After that, iD Software co-founder John Carmack will give a keynote speech. You can take a look at the full QuakeCon presentation schedule here. If you're looking for the full tournament schedule, click here to check it out.

Right now, Steam has drastically cut prices on every iD Software game it offers. "Rage," "Quake 3 Arena," "Doom 3: BFG Edition," and "Quake 3: Team Arena" are all $4.99, just to name a few of the deals currently being offered.

What do you think of QuakeCon 2013? Which event are you looking forward to and why? Will you be taking advantage of the iD Software Steam sale? Sound off in the comments below.