At a Qualcomm investor’s conference on Thursday, CEO Paul Jacobs unveiled the first smartbook on the market, made by Lenovo and sold by AT&T, using a Qualcomm chip.

The smartbook is more than a smartphone, but less than a netbook, according to Dow Jones. Jacobs didn’t provide many more details, only said it will be officially unveiled at January’s Consumer Electronics (CES) Show in Las Vegas.


A screengrab from the Qualcomm webcast which show's the company's new smartbook (CREDIT: Tech Ticker Blog)

The device is slimmer than most smart phones and has a full-size screen and keyboard.

The new smartbook - which does not yet have a name - will be powered by a Qualcomm chipset platform called Snapdragon. It also comes with a built-in third-generation mobile broadband that will link to carrier AT&T's network.

The price of the product was not revealed.

Qualcomm said it has high hopes that its Snapdragon chip, which is already a smartphone staple, will go on to become an essential part of all other smartbooks that are to come.