The FBI is taking drastic measures on “Quantico.” After Alex (Priyanka Chopra) turned herself in at the end of episode 8, the feds assume that she is lying about her innocence. It looks like they’ll have no problem torturing the framed agent for information. She meets her interrogator in a sneak-peek video from Season 1, episode 9.

Sneak Peek No. 1

Griffin Wells (Oded Fehr) and Alex are in some sort of basement and Alex is handcuffed to a chair. Griffin introduces himself to Alex and says he works for the president. Of course, Alex already knows all about him because she studied him during training. “We all know how painless and safe interrogations were under those hospices,” Alex says sarcastically.

“One-time offer: Come clean now and I may be able to make sure you don’t get the death penalty,” Griffin suggests.

Alex is silent and looks away. It seems she won’t give up the fight for her innocence, even when faced with death. “I’d like to apologize in advance,” Griffin says. “Our conversation may end up being quite unpleasant.”

Watch the sneak-peek video from “Quantico” Season 1, episode 9 below:

Sneak Peek No. 2

The second clip takes viewers back to training at Quantico. Alex is spending her night off with Ryan (Jake McLaughlin), but she is leaving him for Liam (Josh Hopkins). A bartender calls her from Liam’s phone. It sounds like Liam is a little too drunk and the bartender wants someone to pick him up. Alex happened to be the last missed call on his home screen.

Alex wants to leave, but Ryan gets mad at her. “Really? This is what this has come to now?” Ryan asks. “Me hoping that you’re not going to chase after the guy that tried to destroy both of us?”

Ryan says Liam is just playing a mind game, but Alex seems to suddenly trust Liam. “You didn’t see him today, Ryan,” she explains. “I did and I recognized it for what it was. It was exactly like this with my father when I was younger. I need to help him.”

Alex is determined, but Ryan is still upset. “You know this isn’t you or him, right?” she asks.

Watch the clip from “Quantico” Season 1, episode 9 below:

“Quantico” Season 1, episode 9 airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.