Caleb (Graham Rogers) has been focusing on protecting Shelby (Johanna Brady), but maybe he should start worrying about himself. The agent will find himself in trouble in “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18, and it looks like his friends will learn some of his secrets in both timelines on the ABC drama.

In the present day, Caleb will have to deal with people other than Will (Jay Armstrong Johnson) searching through his history. “The NATs look into each other’s background to determine who gets high-level security clearance,” the synopsis teases. “And in the process Alex [Priyanka Chopra], Shelby and Iris [Li Jun Li] learn some surprising truths about Drew [Lenny Platt], Will and Caleb.”

In the future, Alex will uncover even more secrets when she talks to Claire [Marcia Cross]. It seems Alex will bring in the senator to find Simon (Tate Ellington) and Will after the terrorists demanded them in the last episode. “Alex contacts Claire Haas in order to find her missing friends and is shocked when she discovers what happened to Caleb,” the synopsis reveals.

While the synopsis doesn’t say much about what Caleb went through, the photos from episode 18, titled “Soon,” show him looking awful. The agent seems to have had some sort of breakdown after the second terrorist attack.

Quantico Caleb Caleb (Graham Rogers) is visited by Alex (Priyanka Chopra) in “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18. Photo: ABC

Caleb Caleb (Graham Rogers) is not in good shape in “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18. Photo: ABC

Caleb’s fragile state is a pretty good indicator that he isn’t the voice that was controlling Alex. “In the very next episode, you see a surprising new side to Caleb; so for right now, it looks like he’s not the bomber,” executive producer Joshua Safran told Entertainment Weekly.

Elsewhere, Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) will return, as seen in the photos below. Despite being on leave, she still sees Liam (Josh Hopkins) for drinks. Yet their meeting might not be a friendly one. In the promo video, she tells someone that Liam slept with Alex.

Watch the trailer for “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18 below:

“Quantico” Season 1, episode 18 airs Sunday, April 17 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Quantico Miranda and Liam Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) will meet up with Liam (Josh Hopkins) in “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18. Photo: ABC Quantico Caleb Caleb (Graham Rogers, center) will find himself in danger in “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18. Photo: ABC Quantico 119 synopsis Claire (Marcia Cross, left) is contacted by Alex (Priyanka Chopra) in “Quantico” Season 1, episode 18. Photo: ABC