Apple has pulled a snafu again. An app called QuasiDisk, which has the ability to tether via proxy, has escaped the detection of the Apple police and has found its way into the App Store.

The $1.99 app claims to be a file manager for the iPhone but a recent update suggests that it has the ability to tether the data in the iPhone with other devices via a proxy server, as well.

Apple is generally quick to get such apps off the App Store because the tech giant doesn't want its relationship with wireless carriers, which offer tethering service, to turn sour. However, like Houdini, this app has snuck into the App Store and is still available at the time of reporting.

So if you're looking to share your 3G connection with other devices and don't want to pay your carrier to use the iPhone's built-in hotspot feature, better take a dekko at QuasiDisk before it disappears from the App Store.