A couple arrested for keeping a disabled Queens woman prisoner for over a year has been charged with kidnapping, imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of the disabled, according to the NY Daily News

58-year-old Maureen Murray was found in an 11-by-8 foot personal prison when cops arrived at the Rockaway Park apartment of Patrick Donovan, 42, and Mae Washington, 63. Murray, who was huddled on the floor of the room, was held captive as Donovan and Washington stole money from her through her Social Security checks. 

When investigators found Murray, she was severely malnourished and suffered from major injuries including broken ribs, a broken arm, a dislocated shoulder and internal bleeding in her skull. She had previously been paralyzed on the left side of her body after suffering from a stroke.

The couple allegedly forced her to clean up after their pets and would not let her leave the apartment without them. Donovan, who was recently released after three years in prison for selling drugs, returned to Rockaway where he resumed his relationship with Washington. 

Murray's niece, Deborah Patton, contacted the police after the couple refused to let her speak to her aunt.