If you’re an NBA player with a packed schedule of practice, games and press junkets, there’s not much time for dating. So why not try proposing a date in 140 characters or less?

That’s exactly what Memphis Grizzlies forward Quincy Pondexter did on Wednesday with Miss Tennessee 2012, Chandler Lawson. Pondexter, 25, started by throwing out a question to his Twitter fans and wound up scoring a date for the offseason.

“Who won Miss Tennessee this year?” he wrote, later adding, “Now that season is over I need 2 find a gf.”

Luckily Lawson was in the loop and tweeted him back, saying, “@QuincyPondexter hi! Heard you were looking for me? #gogrizz.”

Pondexter asked if she was single, and Lawson responded, “totally single!” Then the magic happened.

“Oh totally single? Ditto ... Date? Lol @MissTN212,” he wrote. “@QuincyPondexter you got it! We've got an audience waiting apparently!” Lawson responded.

And there certainly was an audience. As of Friday, Lawson’s acceptance tweet amassed 259 retweets and nearly 200 favorites. Even Grizzlies CEO John Hollinger joined in on the fun, writing, “@QuincyPondexter with the ultimate heat check.”

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Stay tuned for the play-by-play of their first date.