QVC host Cassie Slane passed out mid-broadcast after suffering from an apparent medical condition on Sunday night.

Co-host Dan Hughes kept the show going as he continued to promote a kid-friendly tablet while Slane began patting her chest and appeared to stop breathing, a YouTube video shows.

As Slane appeared to pass out into Hughes' arms, QVC cut to a full-screen shot of the product and Hughes kept talking, making no acknowledgement of her distress.

While multiple media outlets have made light of the incident, QVC has neglected to release a statement explain exactly what happened.

Despite the channel's silence on the situation, Slane, a mother of three, posted on her Facebook page Monday, "I am feeling alot better today!"

On Monday, QVC did respond to a fan on their Facebook page, saying, "Our on-air guest Cassie had a brief fainting spell. We are pleased to report that she is feeling fine now."

Fellow QVC host Carolyn Gracie responded to a fan on her Facebook page, saying, "She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl."

Check below to see a video of QVC host Cassie Slane passing out mid-broadcast.