Rachel Dolezal, former leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Spokane, Washington, reportedly confirmed to TMZ that she is pregnant with a baby boy and is in her second trimester.

Dolezal first came into the spotlight in June after local media outlets slammed her for pretending to be black, despite being born genetically white.

Dolezal did not reveal who the father of the baby was, TMZ reported. The latest update follows a post by Dolezal last month on her private Instagram page, showing three grizzly bear cubs with an ambiguous post suggesting she is pregnant. However, Dolezal later deleted the post.

The 21-year-old son mentioned in the post is Dolezal's adopted brother, who she helped raise, while the 13-year-old boy is her only biological child.

Dolezal married Kevin Moore in Mississippi in 2000, but divorced in 2004. She was then engaged to Mississippi musician Maurice Turner in December 2012, but broke off the engagement in February 2013.

Dolezal's parents' revelation that she is white shocked many and led to widespread discussion on white privilege. Dolezal, who has been working as a part-time hairdresser in Spokane following the controversy, now identifies herself as transracial.