Rachel McAdams talked about more than just her acting career on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday, divulging to the host her recent traumatic experience using marijuana.

The 34-year-old star of “The Notebook” told Kimmel that after a stint of sleepless nights, her Toronto grocer, whom she called “the best," sold her an unlabeled bottle filled with marijuana, promising it would help her sleep.

“I was like oh, no, no. I want to sleep I don’t want to get high. … I was pretty desperate at the time,” said McAdams, who ended up accepting the offer. The actress said she took a tiny teaspoon of the concoction before bed one night and in no time at all, felt the strong effects.

“I was not thinking normal human thoughts. I was hallucinating. I was totally hallucinating. I’m just laying there cursing him,” said McAdams, who claims to have had strange experiences during her drug use.

“I started to hear opera and for like five hours I heard opera. I was going crazy,” she said.

It wasn’t until she returned to the store to scold the grocer that McAdams said she realized he was actually a stoner.

“He’s just prescribing what he knows,” replied Kimmel. “So this is that Canadian health care we hear so much about.”

McAdams was on the program to promote her newest film co-starring Ben Affleck, “To the Wonder,” which she told Kimmel was a dangerous role to to take on, but she accepted the job because she desperately wanted to work with the film’s director, Terrence Malick.

“When Terry asked me to do the film it was an easy yes. It was like a dream come true. Best day of my life. Then his second question was ‘do you like horses’ and I said, ‘I love horses,’” said McAdams, who dished that she is actually allergic.

“I’m so deathly allergic, terrified of and also allergic …," she said, showing off a photo of her red eyes after spending a day with the animals on set. Kimmel replied, “That looks like you after you go to the grocer or something.”

Not only did McAdams flaunt her red eyes on the show, she also debuted a new hairstyle. The actress sported fiery red locks in place of her longtime blonde hair. She was spotted with her new hairstyle on Friday in Los Angeles.

“To the Wonder” opens in theaters on April 12.