Hateful comments expressing relief that only Palestinians were killed in the school bus crash near Jerusalem Thursday appeared on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official Facebook page, following the incident.

The accident killed 10 Palestinian schoolchildren and a teacher while 40 others were injured when their bus overturned and caught fire after colliding with a truck in the occupied West Bank.

The bus had been carrying several dozen children, from a kindergarten and an elementary school, on a field trip from Shufat refugee camp near Jerusalem to a park near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Reuters reported.

Netanyahu's Facebook page, supposedly monitored by his aides routinely, saw extremely insensitive comments and slogans against Palestinians such as Death to Arabs, why do we help them?, according to Haaretz report.

Some of the comments read: Can we send another truck? referring to the truck which collided with the school-bus; I'd send a double-trailer to wipe out all those sh*ts; Great! Fewer terrorists and May there be such buses every day.

Though Netanyahu officially offered his condolences on the tragedy, his aides didn't remove the anti-Palestine messages.

Popular Israeli online Web site Walla News also saw some extremely discriminating comments in response to its report on the Jerusalem crash.