Radiohead canceled its sold-out Saturday concert in Toronto after its massive stage collapsed during afternoon soundchecks, leaving one person dead and three others injured.

The overhead portion of the stage set-up began collapsing, sending people on the stage scrambling, but pinning one man under the rubble. Officials pronounced him dead at the scene. The band was not on the stage at the time.

It was a crushing injury that killed the man, said Fire Services Platoon Chief Tony Bellavance, according to the Associated Press.

Another 45-year-old man was hospitalized with a head injury, with two others treated at the Downsview Park venue for minor injuries.

They were setting up when the top portion collapsed on top of them. Unfortunatly, four people were hurt. The remainder of the people, when they heard the stage coming down, ran from the area, said police spokesman Tony Vella.

The incident led the band to cancel the night's sold-out concert, tweeting due to unforeseen circumstances tonight's concert at downsview park tonight has been canceled. Fans are advised not to make their way to the venue.

The band's website promised refunds for all ticketholders, with no word on the status of the rest of the tour. Overhead shots of the stage showed instruments and most of the tour's set-up under the rubble, with lead singer Thom Yorke's piano saddled under a crossbar.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the collapse.

Witnesses said the stage gave way after letting out a large crash and the sound of twisting sheet metal.

It was like a tornado hit the stage and in just moments the stage came down with metal everywhere, said Jaime Rivest, according to the AP.

The stage collapsed at 4 p.m., just an hour before doors were set to open, with about 1,000 people already waiting at the gates.