In light of the ironically named Carnival Corp. (NYSE:CCL) cruise ship “Triumph,” which ran adrift in the Gulf of Mexico and left terrified passengers stranded for five days, actor Rainn Wilson decided to get the ball rolling on renaming the doomed vessel.

“The Office” actor was successful, using the Twitter hashtag #CarnivalPooShip. The hashtag went viral on the microblogging site Friday.

“Lets get some new names for Carnival cruise ship 'Triumph': "The F---l Flower?"#CarnivalPooShip,” the “Super” actor tweeted. By about 7:30 p.m. EST, the post had been retweeted 136 times and made a favorite by 93 Twitter users.

The Carnival cruise ship had no power while adrift, and conditions quickly deteriorated. Passengers said they were forced to defecate in buckets because toilets on the ship were overflowing. They were also without power and had limited food during the ordeal.

"It was horrible. Horrible," Triumph passenger Janie Esparza told reporters after the ship finally docked at the Port of Mobile in Alabama, according to CNN.  "The bathroom facilities were horrible, and we could not flush toilets. No electricity and our rooms were in total darkness. Honestly, think that this ship should have ever sailed out."

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill sympathized with Triumph passengers.

"We pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience, and clearly we failed in this particular case," Cahill said.

That failure led to mocking of Carnival on Twitter, culminating with the hashtag #CarnivalPooShip becoming a trending topic.

“I'd rather go to church with Tom Cruise than ever take a cruise again. #CarnivalPooShip,” said New York magazine writer Jenna Marotta.

“The 11 year old inside of me kinda hearts that #CarnivalPooShip is trending,” said @BklynActiveMama.

“God this is funny! #CarnivalPooShip,” wrote @FCristalG256.

“#CarnivalPooShip Haha!! . This makes myself giggle,” said @ZNomaP574.

“Lol. How f'n funny..! #CarnivalPooShip,” added @ELavonnaC499.