Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo, known to be stoic and on point when necessary, lost his cool with a cameraman after being unable to get his team past the Atlanta Hawks, losing 87-86 on the road.

Rondo lost his cool while waiting with family and friends to do his post-game press conference, noticing the cameraman filming him. He pointed at the cameraman, stalking on over and getting in his face.

Listen -- how many times I'mma tell you? Rondo said. You are not filming me. I told you to quit filming. Do not film me. I'm not doing an interview right now. I just told you.

In response, the cameraman told Rondo he wasn't interviewing him.

Rondo was particularly upset after a tough outing, which saw him unable to get a potentially game-winning shot off.

Check out the video of the confrontation below.