U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is kicking off his presidential campaign at noon Tuesday EDT with a speech at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. The announcement will make Paul the second official candidate for the GOP nomination for president in 2016 following Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s declaration last month.

Paul’s announcement was widely anticipated, and his Twitter account has been littered with previews of the big day since April 1. The messages urge supporters to “Stand with Rand” and say the Kentucky senator “will always stand for limited government” and “will defend the Constitution.”

Bloomberg Politics will be live-streaming Paul’s 2016 announcement here, starting at 11:45 a.m. EDT. Politico is expected to do the same, which you can access here, while C-SPAN’s coverage kicks off at 11:30 and can be accessed here.

Paul is the son of retired Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who ran for president in 1988, 2008 and 2012. Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist who won a longshot bid for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky in 2010.

Despite being in the Senate for four years, Paul is portraying himself as a Washington outsider in this presidential run. The website for his political action committee, RAND PAC, uses slogans like “Reinventing a New Direction,” while his Twitter account says, “With your help we will defeat the Washington machine and unleash the American dream!”

The Louisville speech is the kickoff to what the campaign is calling “Stand with Rand” rallies. The tour will take the senator to early primary states. On Wednesday, he’s scheduled to be in Iowa, followed by a Thursday appearance in South Carolina, a visit to Iowa on Friday and a rally in Nevada on Saturday. Details of the Nevada stop have yet to be announced, but you can find dates and times of the other events here.