Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky alleged he was “detained” by officials from the Transportation Security Administration at the Nashville airport on Monday morning.

10. “Don’t you know who I am?? I’m the son of that insane, nutcase running for president!!”

9. “You’re gonna have to get to know me a lot better before I submit to a ‘full-body patdown and body search’.”

8. “By the way, if my dad becomes president, he told me I would become the ‘Toastmaster General’”!!

7. “Imagine what you guys would do to me if I wore a beard and a turban!??”

6. “TSA???... You’ll soon be RIP!”

5. “As soon as I get back to Washington, I’m gonna put forward a proposal for economic sanctions against Tennessee!”

4. “Don’t I get a free pass in honor of Chinese New Year?”

3. “Look, I’m running late, I don’t wanna miss Kim Kardashian –- she’s guest hosting on ‘Live With Kelly’! It’s can’t-miss television at its finest!”

2. “It’s every American’s right to carry as many weapons and explosives into airplane that he wants to in order to feel safe. It’s in the Bible, look it up!!”

1. “So long, Nashville, you won’t have Rand Paul to kick around anymore!”