The sports world was aghast on Wednesday night when video of an older couple refusing to give a baseball to a young crying toddler went viral.

At Wednesday night's Texas Rangers-New York Yankees game, Rangers outfielder Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the stands in the eighth inning. The ball looked like it was intended for a young child, but instead an older male grabbed the ball and gave it to his smirking lady friend.

The next scene was heart wrenching for fans to watch as the couple preened and posed for pictures with the baseball, while the young boy hysterically cried right next to them. Despite video cameras zeroed in on the action, the older couple refused to give the baseball to the young boy that desperately wanted it.

Thankfully someone in the Rangers organization got wind of the young boy's agony and gave him another baseball that elicited one of the biggest, most genuine smiles ever. That didn't stop the older couple from continuing their bizarre behavior by seemingly making out right next to the boy clutching his latest prized possession.

Watch all of the bizarre action here and let us know if you've ever seen a more oblivious couple at a baseball game.