A 19-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped on a moving bus in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, local reports said Friday. The incident is the latest in a string of episodes highlighting the rising violence against women in the country.

The incident reportedly took place Thursday in the Hoskote region, about 25 miles east from the city of Bangalore, the country's IT hub. The driver and the cleaner of the privately-owned bus have been arrested, police reportedly said. According to police sources, the driver told the cleaner to take the wheel while he raped the woman, NDTV, a local network, reported.

The woman has been admitted at a hospital and is reportedly recovering, local media reported.

The incident comes weeks after a woman, working with a Bangalore back-office services company, was raped at knife point in a private transport vehicle.

Both the incidents are reminiscent of the December 2012 incident in the national capital New Delhi, where a young woman was so brutally raped by the staff on a private transport vehicle that she later died of her injuries.

Following the 2012 incident, rapes in India have drawn worldwide attention with calls for measures to safeguard women while commuting in public transport.