Rapper Twista released a Whitney Houston tribute song on Sunday, just one day after the singer died tragically at the age of 48.

The song features his famous machine-gun spitting style, but applied to the topic of Whitney Houston and his heartbreak at learning that she had died.

Twista's Whitney Houston death tribute song includes heartbreaking lyrics like these: Ain't nobody like you, nobody before you and nobody after you can ever come near it. Not here in the flesh but you with us in spirit. So sad to hear it. I'm choking up while I come up with these lyrics.

And, in a chilling touch, the verse is set to a Legendary Traxster beat featuring a modified sample of Whitney Houston's classic I Will Always Love You, and rather than being accompanied by a video, it features a single beautiful, sepia-toned photograph of her face.

Press play below to listen to rapper Twista's moving Whitney Houston death tribute song: