The rapper Tyga crashed his Lamborghini Aventador over the weekend, and it appears he wasn't shaken up enough over it to miss the opportunity to send a photo of the wreck out to his fans on Instagram.

The 23-year-old Young Money rapper, whose real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, won't be hitchiking though, as the $376,000 Lambo is just one of his numerous cars, which include a gold-painted Audi R8, according to Yahoo! News.

The rapper sent out a striking image taken from another vehicle that shows his all-wheel-drive, 691-horsepower, V-12, white Lamborghini a good ways off-road in what appears to be a sandy desert ditch.

"Just crashed my lambo. Thank God for the seatbelt," was the message that Tyga wrote to accompany the jarring photograph.

This is not the first time cars and Tyga haven't gotten along. According to Yahoo News he was arrested after a traffic stop in Las Vegas last January when police discovered he was wanted for four traffic violations, one of which was a reckless driving citation.

Tyga's Instagram followers offered a wide range of responses to the crash in the form of comments on the Lamborghini photo.

For instance, @_kimmk, like many other users, made fun of his driving skills in the following comment:

"@kinggoldchains omg you can't drive."

Instagram user @ihmbaness felt sympathy for the car:


And many of his fans are just glad Tyga's still alive, including @twalker82, who offered the following comment:

"Glad ur ok u can get another lambo we can't get another u. Thank god."

And @steveojmdipping summed up many's thoughts in this succint comment: