Rapper Tyga is unhappy after his former landlord accused him of not paying his back rent.

Tyga’s lawyers have claimed that the rapper has paid $200,000 as down payment last September in purchasing his Calabasas home, which actually costs $8 million, People reported, adding that the 25-year-old artist will be suing the landlord as the latter apparently did not follow the agreement stated in the contract.

The lawyers defending Tyga for his Calabasas home lawsuit, claim that the landlord entered into an agreement last September 2014, when Tyga paid $200,000 in escrow as a down payment for the $8 million mansion.

News Entertainment found that Tyga’s issue with the landlord is a misunderstanding rather than it being a case of fraud. Tyga had written in one of his songs that he has an eight-figure deal, however, according to Brian Warner of CelebrityNetWorth.Com, it seems that Tyga does not have that much money. Warner said that although Tyga goes on various concert tours and can make a lot of money with all his hit singles, he actually does not know how to spend his money wisely.

Meanwhile, Tyga had been spending more time with Jenner’s family after the Kylie’s birthday. Jenner even moved in to Tyga’s neighborhood last June, and lived in a mansion worth $2.7 million. Tyga also recently purchased a $320,000 Ferrari for Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday.  

People also reported that days after the legal documents for the lawsuit were filed, Tyga had been seen shopping in Beverly Hills, California. Tyga apparently even had a friendly conversation at Barneys New York department store with Scott Disick.

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