Brad Elterman started his career at the age of 16 when he borrowed a camera and snapped a photo of Bob Dylan performing onstage. Since then, his work has been featured in numerous magazines including Rolling Stone, People, and the New York Post.

He began his official career as a photographer for record companies and rock magazines, where he made friends with many musicians and high profile figures. 

He began work in the paparazzi business after he requested to do a photo shoot with David Bowie and was turned down by his publicist. Elterman received word of where Bowie was and went to the location. He was able to snap a picture of Bowie while he was leaving a recording studio and from there his paparazzo career took off.

Through his lens, Elterman has captured some of Hollywood's private moments, including shots of Robert DeNiro, Bob Dylan and Joan Jett.

Inspired by the success of Perez Hilton, he recently created Buzz Foto, a website dedicated to quatlity paparazzi images of celebrities.