Rare, the developer of acclaimed games like “Donkey Kong Country” and “Banjo Kazooie” will not be showing their newest game “Sea of Thieves” until next year. This confirms that the title will not be appearing in any other event later this year as Rare continues to work on it.

Aaron Greenberg, the head of first party and third party game development, confirmed that the game would not be appearing in anymore 2015 events. He did so via his Twitter page, when a fan asked him if “Sea of Thieves” would be making an appearance at The Game Awards later this year.

He simply stated “more next year” to the fan, without divulging any more details about the game’s next appearance. It looks like any gamers interested in the Xbox One and Windows 10 game are in for a long wait.

It seems like Microsoft wants to impress people with “Sea of Thieves” as the game was being touted as “Rare’s best game ever” during an Xbox conference. Considering how Rare has worked on plenty of acclaimed Nintendo 64 titles like “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” and “Goldeneye 007” that’s saying a lot.

According to GameSpot, one of the game’s biggest features will be its user created content, as people involved with the game have stated that players will be creating their own memories with “Sea of Thieves.” It’s a very ambitious idea and the pirate theme lends plenty of possibilities to do just that.

Despite its reputation, Rare hasn’t been too active in the development field lately, aside from this and a couple of titles for the now defunct “Kinect” device. Most recently, Microsoft released a collection called “Rare Replay, which features 30 games from the company’s history like “Battletoads” and the original “Perfect Dark.”

That’s not to say they’ve fallen out of relevancy. The aforementioned “Battle Toads” have been appearing as guest stars for titles like “Shovel Knight” and “Killer Instinct.”

Hopefully, fans will be able to see more of Rare and the highly anticipated “Sea of Thieves” next year. While fans of the company have “Rare Replay” to be busy with, it would be intriguing to see how this new IP from the company turns out.