Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice hasn’t said much since he was suspended indefinitely by the National Football League and his $35 million contract was terminated, but he is planning to appeal the suspension and file a grievance, NBC Sports reported. The appeal reportedly will be handled by the NFL Players' Association and an outside lawyer retained by Rice.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter also cited sources as saying Rice would appeal the indefinite suspension. If he does so, he must file the appeal by 11:59 p.m. EDT Tuesday, three business days after the players' union was notified officially about the suspension, ESPN said. The NFLPA has not finalized its plan and reportedly has multiple ideas, the sources told ESPN.

Rice was released by the Ravens Monday after TMZ leaked a second, more violent, video of the athlete hitting hit then-fiancée Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious. An earlier video of the incident resulted in a two-game suspension in July. But after the full elevator assault was leaked, Rice was kicked off the team.

"This video shows a starkly different sequence of events from what you and your representatives stated when we met on June 16, and is important new information that warrants reconsideration of the discipline imposed on you in July," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wrote after the leaked video went viral. "Based on this new information, I have concluded that the discipline imposed upon you in July was insufficient under all the circumstances and have determined instead to impose an indefinite suspension."

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