New York Knicks star Raymond Felton may have cheated on his wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, during their year-and-a-half long marriage, according to divorce documents.

In legal paperwork filed in New York last month, Raymondo-Felton listed “adultery” as the reason behind her decision to seek a divorce, TMZ reports. Felton’s wife declined to elaborate on his alleged transgressions, but has reportedly proposed that his cheating should invalidate the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

Raymondo-Felton did not explain the reasons behind her desire to dissolve the pre-nup, TMZ reports. However, she has reportedly requested financial “maintenance” from Felton in the form of reimbursement for the final two years of her tuition at Fordham University’s School of Law.

"It's your life," Felton told reporters in February regarding the divorce, according to the New York Daily News. "When you're going through certain things in life it's on your mind, no matter what. You try not to let it come into your job, into your workplace, but sometimes it does. You're human and it's a part of life. But at the same time, it is what it is. Thay's my personal life, though; I won't want to discuss that part."

Felton was arrested on Feb. 25 and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, the New York Post reported. Law enforcement sources said that Raymondo-Felton turned in her husband’s illegal gun after he allegedly pointed the weapon at her during an argument.

Ariane Raymondo-Felton Raymond Felton committed adultery during his marriage, according to divorce paperwork filed by his estranged wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton. Photo: LinkedIn

“When we’d have arguments over our marriage, he’d would pull out the gun and wave it. It was obviously done to intimidate me,” Raymondo-Felton allegedly told police, according to the newspaper.

Raymondo-Felton is also alleged to have discussed the reasons behind their domestic disputes. “She said, ‘He’s out doing his thing.’ Looks like he was banging some girl on the side. They were arguing about bulls—t domestic stuff,” a source told the Post.

In 2012, Felton married his wife, now 26, in Wake Forest, N.C., the New York Post’s Page Six reported. Raymondo-Felton is a graduate of Cornell University and a former paralegal.