Jon Stewart offered a moving speech when "The Daily Show" went back on the air after a period of not filming in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, which rocked New York City, where the show is filmed and more than 2,000 people died that fated morning.

The remarks Stewart offered were somber and aimed at trying to find some 

"We are back, this is our first show since the tragedy in New York City and there's no other way really to start the show than to ask you at home the question that we've asked the audience here tonight and that we've asked everybody that we know here in New York since September 11, and that is 'are you ok?'" Stewart said in starting out the broadcast. "And we pray that you are and your family is."

Stewart goes on to explain that some folks he spoked with in the days following 9/11 implied that he may have a hard time going back on the air, and that it may seem like a terrible weight to have on.

To that concept, he said his response was, "I don't see it as a burden, I see it as a privilege," choking up as he explains the concept.

The speech is a major departure, obviously, from Stewart's usual funnyman routine, and he acknoweledges that in his remarks, "tonight's show is obviously not a regular show."

Click play below in order to relive what is likely the most "not a regular show" any episode of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" will ever be: