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The newly released Apple iPad tablet retails at $499, but according to an analyst, the tablet device costs Apple about $270 to make.

The cost of the materials inside Apple's 16GB WiFi-only iPad costs $270.50, according to Brian Marshall of BroadPoint AmTech.

Marshall estimates another $10 is needed for manufacturing, but that doesn't include another $20 set aside for under-warranty service costs. Adding the latter makes Marshall's bottom-line total $290.50.

Because that model will sell for $499, Apple's profit margin is 42.9% after the $20 warranty set-aside is factored in.

According to Marshall, the most expensive component on his price list was the 9.7-in. LCD touch-sensitive display, which he tagged at $100.

The 16GB of memory and the aluminum case cost about $25 each, said Marshall, while the Apple A4 chip was listed at $15.

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