Sunday night, everyone’s favorite Georgia Peaches bid farewell to Season 7 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” After the season these ladies have had, it shouldn’t surprise “Housewives” fans that there was no shortage of intense moments. Fortunately, they weren’t all bad. Head housewife NeNe Leakes made her Broadway debut as the wicked stepmother in “Cinderella,” someone received a shocking apology, an unexpected phone call rocked the cast and much, much more.

Here are the top four moments from the episode:

1. Apollo Nida Phoned In From Prison

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey got an unexpected phone call from close friend Apollo Nida during the episode. Apollo, 36, had recently begun serving out his 8-year prison sentence for fraud at the time of the phone call. During their brief discussion, Peter felt it was his obligation as a friend to tell Apollo that his wife Phaedra Parks had filed for divorce. This made Cynthia, who had wished to stay out of the couple's business following the infamous Mr. Chocolate incident, uncomfortable as she feared she and her hubby would be thrust back into the middle of their feud. Fortunately for the former supermodel, Apollo was already aware of the news.

During the call, Apollo revealed he had not yet received a visit from his estranged wife or their two children, Aiden and Dylan. He remained hopeful that his soon-to-be ex-wife would do the right thing and allow the boys to visit eventually, though as you may recall Phaedra was strongly opposed to the idea in previous episodes.

2. Mama Joyce Apologized To Son-In-Law Todd Tucker and Mama Sharon

In a shocking turn of events, Mama Joyce realized the error of her ways during the Season 7 finale. Daughter Kandi Burruss, her husband Todd Tucker and their two children, Noelle Burruss and Kaela Tucker, popped over to Mama Joyce's house for dinner. Kandi and Todd were initially dreading the dinner due to their tumultuous relationship with Mama Joyce. As you may recall she previously accused Todd of using her daughter for her money and fame and called his mother, Miss Sharon, a prostitute. Fortunately there was nothing to worry about this time around. 

The family sat down for a meal where Mama Joyce began toasting to a better year for everyone -- including Kandi and Todd. She then offered up a major apology, saying she was simply repeating things she had been told and admitting that she was wrong to do so.

"If I've done something or said something to offend you or your mother, I'm sorry," she said. 

Perhaps even more shocking? Todd wasn't buying it. In his confessional interview, Todd told Bravo's cameras he felt her apology was insincere. 

3. Kenya Moore Unveils Her Sitcom Pilot

After toying with the idea for many episodes, Kenya Moore shared the pilot episode for her sitcom, "Life Twirls On." The 44-year-old invited all the ladies to a screening party for the show, which is said to be about a scorned bride. In true Kenya fashion, she made a grand entrance into the party wearing a wedding gown and veil.

"I love a grand entrance, but one that makes sense," new friend Phaedra joked in her one-on-one interview.

The ladies seemed to enjoy the show, as well as each other's company. The entire group, sans NeNe Leakes, were all smiles and laughs throughout. 

"Girls who would never be in the same room together are laughing and having fun," Kenya said. "It's just a testament to forgiveness."

4. NeNe Leakes Makes Her Broadway Debut

While the rest of the group bonded, NeNe was busy preparing to storm the Great White Way. The 47-year-old took the stage as Cinderella's wicked stepmom for the first time during the episode. Although she invited all of the women, including Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia Jordan with whom she is currently not seeing eye to eye, no one came. 

"The invite was definitely a legit invitation, but I didn't hear from anybody about coming to the debut," she said. "Quite frankly, I don't think they should come."

Still, NeNe's first show was outstanding. The audience gave her performance a standing ovation, which blew her away. The outspoken reality star admitted, "if there is a word beyond proud, that's where I was."

Be sure to tune in to the three-part reunion special Sunday, April 26, at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.