Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker haven’t given up on having a baby just yet. During Season 7 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which began filming just six short months after their April 2014 wedding, the couple revealed that they were trying for a child of their own. Both Kandi and Todd have daughters from previous relationships. After having little success getting pregnant the old fashioned way, they're busting out the big guns.

“We have started the process of In-Vitro,” the 38-year-old told E! News. “So just pray for us that everything is great and we get a healthy baby! My family definitely, they definitely want a baby for me and Todd.”

Kandi blamed much of their initial struggle to concieve on the fact that they were both too busy to have enough sex. Kandi is a Grammy Award winning songwriter, owns a line of adult toys, and stars on “RHOA.” Meanwhile her hubby is constantly jetting back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles where he works as an executive producer on “Hollywood Divas.” In addition to all that, the couple is rumored to be working on a new spinoff series titled "Meet the Tuckers." Kandi told E! that as overwhelming as it's been, she’s managed to find some downtime between filming to focus on having a baby, though she is still working.

“I have a little time off away from the cameras, but I’m never really off,’ she said. “So much to do, nonstop, and we’re trying to make a baby right now. I’m off from the cameras, but not off.”

Burruss added that going through things in front of the cameras is "extremely hard." As you may recall, Kandi and Todd spent the first half of this season of “RHOA” trying to adjust to married life while also facing their fertility issues. After visiting doctors, attending therapy sessions, and talking things out the couple appears to be back on the right track. 

"I myself have had to deal with two deaths in front of the public eye," she continued.  And when you’re dealing with something that’s so crazy and then you have all these people’s opinions, and a lot of people that will come at you and just say the craziest negative stuff, it’s just like, I don’t need that. It’s just hard to do."