Kathryn Edwards made it no secret that she was not Faye Resnick's biggest fan after her Season 6, episode 8 introduction to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Things got even more intense as the pair came face-to-face for the very first time during episode 9. 

Early in the episode longtime cast member Kyle Richards reveals that she's decided to have the cast, along with some close friends, over for a barbeque. She opens up about the party to close friend Faye Resnick while furniture shopping in Beverly Hills. Kyle, 46, gives Faye, 58, a heads up that she has gone ahead and invited "RHOBH" newcomer Kathryn Edwards to the party knowing that they have history. Faye admits that she doesn't feel ready to have a conversation with Kathryn about the book that she wrote, in which she alleged that Kathryn's ex-husband had an affair with O.J. Simpson's wife. Faye agrees to attend in the hopes that she and Kathryn won't have any confrontation.

The day of the party arrives and guests file in to Kyle's home to enjoy the festivities. Kathryn arrives with Lisa Vanderpump after Faye has already had time to settle in. The pair are introduced by Kyle and manage to be cordial and part ways. Dinner time arrives and Kathryn realizes she's been seated directly across from Faye. The pair make it through a majority of the multi-course dinner without issue. After a lighthearted discussion about posing in Playboy Faye excuses herself from the table for a moment inside. Meanwhile Lisa Rinna, a known trouble maker on the show, seizes the opportunity to dig for the details about why Faye and Kathryn are feuding. Kathryn tells all, claiming that everything in Faye's book was salacious. She tells the ladies remaining at the table that she holds "a dagger" for Faye and always has despite never having read to book. Kathryn brushes off Erika Girardi's attempts to level with her, suggesting that she read the bits of the story concerning her before confronting Faye. She tells the ladies of "RHOBH" she wants to confront Faye and has had more than two decades to plan out what she'd like to say. 

Faye returns to the table and Kathryn immediately confronts her. She tells her she felt "fake" sitting across from Faye and not saying anything about their issues. Faye is able to get Kathryn to calm down and let go, telling her she does not wish to have multiple discussions about the death of her best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson. 

The feud between "RHOBH" newbie Kathryn and friend of the cast Faye wasn't the only drama that went down during episode 5. Yolanda Foster also made an appearance at Kyle's barbeque, just days after undergoing an intense surgery which was featured in the previous episode. Her presence at the party, however brief, forces rumors about Munchausen syndrome back to the surface. The ladies begin discussing the details of Yolanda's surgery with Erika, who has grown close with the mother-of-three over the years. The conversation shifts back to the potential of her condition being fake at which time Lisa Vanderpump reveals that Yolanda's first ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, does not believe that his children Anwar and Bella Hadid are sick despite his wife's claims. Lisa V. does not want to discuss the topic beyond revealing what she was told, but Kyle continues to push which makes her uncomfortable.

Previews for the upcoming episode of "RHOBH" suggest viewers haven't seen the last of the feud between Kathryn and Faye — and it looks like the rookie housewife isn't the only one harboring bad feeling for Kyle's BFF. Lisa V. is far from Faye's No. 1 fan and voicing those feelings to Kyle may just lead to a major issue in Episode 10. 

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