Kathryn Edwards may be new, but she is already making waves on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The rookie reality star has been vocal about trying to get along with fellow newcomer Erika Girardi — but is their friendship already sour?

The episode kicks off with Yolanda Foster and her now-ex husband David Foster preparing for one of their extravagant dinner parties. The pair pore over plans while David practices his piano in preparation for their surprise musical guest Andrea Bocelli. Bravo’s cameras then catch up with Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, who have both been invited and are extremely nervous to face Yolanda after what went down in episode 12. The big day arrives and the "trouble makers," as they're dubbed by Kathryn, stick close by one another's side. 

Each of the "RHOBH" stars make their way to their seats and the drama begins. Lisa V. questions Erika about a conversation she had with Kathryn in a previous episode during which she warned the former model to avoid getting "tangled" in Lisa V.'s "web." Erika is slightly shocked to learn that Kathryn divulged this information, but waits to bring it up. She explains to Lisa V. that her comment was intended to accentuate the restaurateur's strong personality. The pair trade jabs, with Erika revealing that she feels as though Lisa V. is "trying to discredit" her and Yolanda's friendship.

Conversely Lisa Rinna is quick to stir the pot. She calls Kathryn over to her side of the table to get the scoop on what happened when she and Erika got together the other day. She shares the story once more before returning to her seat, where she catches the wrath of Erika Jayne (Erika Girardi's alter ego). Erika tells Kathryn she believed their conversation was confidential, which Kathryn says is "on you." This comment leaves Erika aghast. She ends the conversation, but it's clear there's bad blood between them. 

Days later Eileen Davidson, Yolanda and Erika gather for something of a picnic. They catch up on the latest gossip, which brings them back to Yolanda's dinner party. Eileen shares with her friends what really happened the night Kathryn revealed what she and Erika discussed together. Erika admits that she meant what she said, but is adamant that Kathryn should not have shared the information with anyone else. 

While this little game of she said, she said monopolized a majority of episode 14, there was another jaw-dropping moment worth talking about. After receiving several signs from the universe, Kyle decides it's time to reunite with her sister, Kim Richards. She shows up at her birthday, though Bravo's cameras were not permitted to follow along. She then calls Kim over to her home for tea, at which time they discuss the status of their relationship. Kyle and Kim are at a bit of a standstill — the "RHOBH" star admits during a one-on-one confessional interview that much of their future depends on Kim's sobriety

Previews for an upcoming episode suggest we haven't seen the last of the drama brewing between Erika and Kathryn. Tune in next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo for all that and more.