Things got real during Season 6, episode 12 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" — a little too real for Kyle Richards. After a long, dramatic trip to see Erika Girardi assume her musical alter ego Erika Jayne, the ladies head for Kathryn Edwards San Diego house for a casual lunch. In true "Housewives" fashion the lunch quickly goes left.

The episode kicks off precisely where episode 11 left off — the "RHOBH" ladies are certain that there's been a breach of confidentiality from within the cast. Despite having denied it when it first came up, Erika is finally ready to admit her guilt. She casually reveals that it was her, not Lisa Rinna, who told Yolanda Foster that Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump had been questioning her children's Lyme disease diagnosis. She brushes it off and the other ladies play along though they have many more questions. 

Erika then loads her gal pals onto her tour bus and they head for "RHOBH" newbie Kathryn Edwards home away from home. The cast is greeted warmly and taken to her lavish backyard for lunch. While chowing down Lisa R. makes a joke about how much she's eaten over the last few days which leads to a very real conversation surrounding eating disorder rumors. Lisa R. brushes off the rumors as false, filling Kathryn in on their origins — Kim Richards. Kyle quickly grows uncomfortable as Kathryn attempts to delve deeper into Lisa R. and Kim's Season 5 beef.

She leaves the table and the conversation continues. While discussing Kim's battle with sobriety, Kathryn reveals that she, too, has been touched by addiction in her lifetime. She shares with her co-stars that at a young age she lost her father, who was an addict, to suicide.

Lisa V. overhears Kathryn defending Kim and alerts Kyle that it's safe to return to the table. She breathes a sigh of relief and proceeds to explain that she refuses to participate in conversations about Kim because it makes her feel guilty as they are in the process of mending proverbial fences. 

As if that wasn't enough drama for one episode, Erika hosts one last shindig at her house. The entire cast — including (most of) their husbands — is in attendance at the "Beverly Hillbillies" themed bash, including Yolanda. During the car trip over, the munchausen syndrome allegations once again resurface. Yolanda has since learned exactly what the disease entails and is even more furious than she was in episode 4 that Lisa R. would accuse her of having it. The pair come together at the party and Yolanda and Erika tag team Lisa R. The duo demand she share with them who first suggested that Yolanda had the disease, which she refuses to do. 

While one would think the situation would be dead and buried by now, it appears that it will rear it's ugly head at least once more in episode 13, airing Feb. 23. Be sure to tune into "RHOBH" every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.