On Monday night, Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of Taylor Armstrong, was discovered dead in his home.

Armstrong, 47, was found hanging in his home on Mulholland Drive and an autopsy is being conducted.  Reports are suggesting that it was suicide.

Russell and Taylor's marriage was in the midst of breaking as she filed for divorce in July stating that there was physical and verbal abuse from her husband which has been caught on-air in various forms.

Armstrong told media outlets that the reality show had hurt his marriage and he commented to RumorFix.com last month that the "pressure of being in the TV spotlight was pretty overwhelming. It took our manageable problems and made them worse."

TMZ reported that Russell was having financial difficulty while going through the breakup. His lawyer, Ronald Richard, commented: "I am extremely saddened ... I had no idea he was depressed."

Russell was previously married to Barbara Frederickson with whom they share a son, 14-year old Aiden. Frederickson commented to RadarOnline about Taylor Armstrong saying "I don't care for her at all. I think she's the reason for this."